Wydawca treści Wydawca treści


The Forest District Żagań is basic, independent organizational entity of the State Forests working pursuant to the Forest Act. It is subordinated to Regional Directorate of the State Forests in Zielona Góra, which supervises and coordinates all the actions within its territory.



The most important posts in the Forest District and scope of duties:

District Forest Manager – is the head of the forest district, manages the whole entity as the basic unit of the State Forests and is responsible for the forest district outside.

Deputy District Forest Manager – manages the affairs connected with the production zone in the forest district and , is responsible for appropriate Sub-District Forest Managers work.

Supervising Engineer – the worker of internal control, who carries out the control over the correctness of forestry operations performance, protection of  resources and accesses to the forest, including giving instructions approved by the District Forest Manager of the forest district.

Sub-District Forest Manager directly manages the Forest Rangers Area and is responsible for the whole issues connected with running the forestry and for the protection of mandated Forest Rangers Area property.

In order to help the Sub-District Forest Manager, the District Forest Manager assigns
the Deputy Sub-District Forest Manager, trainee or other assistant workers, who are  directly subjected to the Sub-District Forest Manager.
Forest District Secretary deals with all the things connected with the whole administrative services of the forest district and is responsible for administering infrastructure and repairs'  matters.

Forest Service Guard Station is an organizational entity  by the forest district, established to combat crimes and fight infringements as regards forest poaching.    The Station is managed by the Chief Commander of the Forest Service Guard, who supervises guardians.