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Natural monuments are single formations of living (animate) and non-living (inanimate) nature or their clumping with their special environmental, scientific, cultural, historic or landscape value and characterizing with individual features distinguishing them among other creatures, f.ex. monumental trees.

12 nature monuments including two surface ones are located on the area of Żagań Forest District and they are:

- "Orchid" - area of 15 m2, with species of orchid (heath spotted orchid and leafy orchid)

- "Yews over the River Czerna" - area 5.98 ha with European yew (as recorded on 31.12.2010 - 510 yews including 235 outside the State Forests areas).

- Iłowa precinct: English oak - 3 trees and one group of three English oaks,

- Żagań precinct: English oak - 3 trees, European beech - 1 tree, small-leaved lime - 2 trees, european white elm - 1 tree