Wydawca treści Wydawca treści


Around 60% of 618 species of vertebrates in Poland inhabit forests. Civilisation caused the immemorial balance and rules governing forest ecosystems to be weakened. It influences the animals therefore currently their number, ways of nurturing and protection from animal damage is regulated by law both Polish and European.

Game (20% species of mammals and 12% birds in Poland) - national treasure and property of State Treasury. In accordance with ecology rules and rational forest, agrarian and fishing management, dealing with game is responsibility of hunters of Polish Hunting Union and foresters.

Żagań Forest District supervises hunting management of the following shooting districts:
- district no. 218 on lease by "Knieja" Zielona Góra hunting association
- district no. 220 on lease by "Borówka" Zielona Góra hunting association
- district no. 221 on lease by "Ponowa" Wymiarki hunting association
- district no. 225 on lease by "Bóbr" Żagań hunting association
- district no. 226 on lease by "Jenot" Bogatynia hunting association

Two game shooting districts are located on the area of Żagań Forest District, which are supervised by neighbouring forest districts:
- game shooting district no. 219 supervised by Lipinki Forest District - 12ha in Żagań Forest District
- game shooting district no. 227 forming Game Breeding Centre supervised by Wymiarki Forest District - 1612ha in Żagań Forest District.

Existence of large population of deer and wild boar on the area of the Forest District is facilitated by active training ground and complex of meadows where ecological lands have been created ("Meadows at Olsza") which are a unique enclave within forest lands.