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Before 1945, Żagań Forest District were on the area of German Reich, being mostly state, property and peasant owned. During Second World War enormous fires took place on the areas of Żagań Forest District.

They caused degradation of forest lands, completely killing biological life at places. After the Second World War under legal validity of a decrees issued by Polish Committee of National Liberation (6.11.1944 and 12.12.1944) admistration of State Forests was taken over by Iłowa urban forests, Mirostowice Ceramic Enterprise forests. After 1945 on the area of current Żagań Forest District three minor State Forest Districts were established: Żagań, Łozy and Iłowa. The first years were a difficult period for foresters in the area between the rivers Nysa Łużycka and Kwisa. At that time the major part of the precinct were consumed by abrupt fires. 1947 was a particularly traffic in that respect as it resulted in mass occurrence of destructive insects. In 1959 Łozy Forest District was joined to Żagań Forest District.

Since 1 January 1976 Żagań Forest District constituted Żagań Precinct belonging to Szprotawa Forest District. In the following years on the area of present Żagań Forest District (established 1 January 1993) numerous surface and administrative changes occur. Between 1993 and 1999 Franciszek Miszczuk was plenipotentiary for establishing and the first forest district manager.

Foresters of Żagań Forest District are continuators and heirs to tradition of the foresters who have bred and care for possibly best condition of forests. Their traces, as well as other users of the forest blocks and old settlements absorbed by forest can be found on the areas of the district.

Ryc. Dawna Leśniczówka Łozy - obecnie własność prywatna
Ryc. Domek myśliwski tzw. Waldhaus
Ryc. Czerna - leśniczówka, obecnie już nieistniejąca
Photo: Two exemplary granite rocks reconstructing historic names of forest lanes of the Żagań Duchy. Podlaskie Sub-district